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          Profile of the School of Petrochemical Engineering


          The School of Petrochemical Engineering of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology, whose predecessor is School of Chemical Engineering, was founded in 1958. There were only two majors—basic organic chemical industry and inorganic chemical industry at first, after 1978, two new majors—chemical engineering and petroleum processing—were added. In 1998, because of the national adjustment of the majors, the four majors that mentioned above were adjusted as the major of chemical engineering and technology. In 2006, the School of Chemistry and Material was founded. For the developing needs of the college, after the adjustment of some majors, bioengineering, biotechnology, food science and engineering were added into the school. In July of 2013, the name of the school was adjusted as the School Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, in 2014, the name of the School of Petrochemical Engineering was used because of the need of subject construction.

          Now, the school has three bachelor’s degree programs, they are: chemical engineering and technology, light chemical engineering, oil-gas storage and transportation engineering. Among these majors, chemical engineering and technology is the national-level featured major, authorized by Ministry of Education for the second bachelor’s degree authorization. Also, the major was the first one that identified by Ministry of Education in engineering education as the authentication major in Jilin province and local engineering colleges across the country. In 2011, it was listed in the second batch of Excellent Engineers Education Training Plan of Ministry of Education. In 2012, this major was elected as the experimenting zone of talents training mode of Jilin province. In 2013, the major was awarded by the Ministry of Education as the specialty experimental unit of comprehensive reform. In 2014, it was awarded as undergraduate program construction of Jilin province’s colleges and universities. The branch of chemical engineering and technology was regarded as the main subject that has advantages and features in the 12th five-year plan of Jilin province. In 2013, it was pointed as the first level master’s degree authorized subject.

          Now, there are 46 teachers in the school: 6 administrative staff, 40 full-time teachers. Among the teachers, there are 11 professors, which counts 27.5% of the total; 9 associate professors, which counts for 22.5%. 20 teachers with medium-grade professional title, which counts for 50%. As for the diploma: 97.5% of the teachers hold postgraduate certificate and above. Among them, 9 hold doctor’s degree. 5 is studying for the doctor’s degree, which count for 42.5%. Now, in order to satisfy the teaching need, the school employed 22 teachers outside. The total number of the teachers in the school is 68. And it can fully meet the need of teaching.

          During the process of cultivating the talents in engineering technology, by facing the front line of production, commonality and characteristic are both valued, the competence practice and theory are highly treated, and the cultivation of engineering and technology integrated, the cultivation of creative spirits and enterprise consciousness blended. To be grown up and to be talent are both important, try to cultivate the well developed modern personality of the students, making them to be the technician that has strong social responsibility and to master the basic theory , knowledge and ability of modern engineering technology.

          With the practical subject construction in the past 50 years, the school always insists on the way of featured development. After years of deposit, inheritance and developing, the featured specialty of combination involving production, teaching and research of cultivating talents is formed.

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